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Iconic Dammam Attractions

Discover the beauty of Dammam

Dammam, the capital of the breathtaking Eastern Province several landmarks and a wonderful tourist infrastructure with restaurants and entertainment scattered all around the city. Home to a huge sea, gorgeous beaches as well as exceptional fishing spots, Dammam is considered to be as one of the most ancient inhabited places of the country because of the discovery of a lot of antique artefacts in this region.

The Heritage Village

Situated close to the Dammam Corniche, it is an extremely beautiful castle-like building in vintage condition and exhibits antique Islamic artefacts. There is also a selection of delicious and affordable restaurants around.

Tarout Castle and the Old Town

This place is the best and most stunning example of the archaeological landmark which is located at the centre of Tarout Island for the past 5000 years ago. This place has an immense amount of history attached to it and the ancient look of the place is truly breathtaking. The castle features a conventional architectural style, which one should definitely visit if they have an interest in history and ancient places. Tarout Castle

King Abdullah Park

Situated on the sea front of Dammam, it is one of the most modern destinations. It has a distinctive design and it involves extensive green spaces with a selection of restaurants, children’s playgrounds, fountains and a theatre used for celebrations and festivals.

King Fahad Park

A popular leisure destination in Dammam, the amusement park is situated between Dhahran and Dammam highway. Considered the largest park in the Eastern Province, the park has activities including rides for adults and kids. It also has enormous pools, waterfalls, artificial lakes, eight bridges and a selection of restaurants.

Dammam Corniche

The Corniche is a gorgeous scenery which beautiful sandy areas and green spaces along with playgrounds & kiosks. Known for the famous national celebrations held during Eid and other ceremonies. During special occasions the Corniche is decorated with lights that give an amazing view of the sea and greenery. The view from Dammam Corniche is spectacular.

Al-Marjan Island

One of the most stunning artificial islands in the Middle East, it connects to the pier and features a variety of attractions, including green spaces, playgrounds and sitting areas. Visitors can also enjoy the sea ferryboat ride to and from the Al-Marjan Island along with the free meal.

Dammam Regional Museum

This museum is massive and has around six halls in which people can easily travel through the time, starting from the Stone Age. Visitors can take advantage of archaeology specialist's in the Museum who can guide visitors through their journey at this museum.

Dolphin Village

Situated at the doorway of beautiful Al-Marjan Island on the Dammam Corniche; It includes rides, a huge swimming pool, daily dolphin and seal shows. A circus is also a feature during special occasions as well as national events.

Half Moon Beach

This beach is as beautiful as its name suggests. It’s an ideal place for visitors and tourists alike. This beach is exactly shaped like a half moon, which explains its name. The sandy coast of this beach is an amazing venue for a quiet dinner away from noisy and busy cities.

Alkhleej Makarim

Alkhleej Makarim is a village found at the half moon beach. This village is a famous destination and has the most luxurious resorts in Saudi Arabia. The place has its own natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourist around the world every year.