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In a market, if not the world, where there is a common perception that everything can be bought, the value of those things which cannot, is truly all the greater. For this reason, the single greatest point of difference which TIME Hotels presents is an experience of genuine warmth delivered with a realness of purpose.

Backed by a leadership and a team of staff who share the love of all people and find joy in serving others. Guests who appreciate the value of service, not for the sake of it but service delivered straight from the heart, will truly feel that they have returned home to the open embrace of family and friends.

TIME Hotels & Resorts

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Our premium brand for those seeking a little more in both business and leisure travel

As the flagship brand of the TIME portfolio, TIME Hotels & Resorts ensures very high standards across every facet of the guest experience whilst ensuring our signature value for money propositions is delivered throughout.

Some properties cater more to leisure and others more to business travel but all of them provide the guest with the luxury of space and time to be with themselves.

TIME Hotel Apartments

For those seeking the comfort of home with the added convenience of hotel services

Providing a host of attractive facilities normally associated with a home environment combined with the convenience of hotel services,

TIME Hotel Apartments deliver a practical and cost efficient accommodation solution which is essentially a home-away-from-home.

Each apartment is stylishly furnished and fully equipped throughout, making it ideal for both business and leisure travelers either on long-stay or short-stay visits.

TIME Express Hotels

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For those who look only for the essentials to make their budget stretch further.

The offer of TIME Express Hotels has been created by re-evaluating the entire guest experience with the object of prioritizing the essentials.

Guests welcome the economic efficiencies generated through this process, leaving them with more to spend on things that matter most to them.

Fresh, modern and upbeat, TIME Express Hotels is the brand of choice for budget conscious travelers seeking to get more from life.

TIME Residence

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For those requiring long-stay accommodation which combines the luxury of service and security

Long stays at any TIME Residence is the ideal antidote to the long days associated with relocating to a new city or extended business trips.

Whether furnished or unfurnished, all TIME Residence properties provide the comfort of security and the convenience of hotel services delivered with unique warmth and energy expected from the friendly professionals at TIME Hotels.